What Happens When Someone Falls Off The Roof?

I can fix itThe time has come to clean the gutters on your home, thumbing through the local classifieds you find a local handyman who is willing to help. He shows up on the day of the appointment with the appropriate tools strapped to his belt and a ladder in tow. He props up the ladder to the side of your house, climbs up, and get started. Not thinking anymore of it, you go inside. 10 minutes later there is the sound of a loud “thump” accompanied by a cry of pain. The handyman fell off the roof!

So what happens now? The handyman’s doctor has diagnosed him with a broken arm and a busted rotator cuff. He will need surgery.

Unfortunately, the personal health insurance that this handyman had refuses to payout for work done in a commercial setting. So exercising the only option left, the handyman files a lawsuit with you to get you to cover the cost of fixing his broken shoulder.

This is not an uncommon scenario. Personal health insurance companies don’t cover injuries that occur at work. So when the local handyman gets hurt his only recourse is to sue you, his customer.

While NV Service Group does not offer official legal advice (please consult a lawyer to confirm what we are talking about in this article) this is not exactly our first time around the block. It is very easy for a handyman who is injured on your property to prove that you are the one at fault and should cover his medical expenses. In fact it is an uphill battle to do anything other than that.

To top that all off, many personal injury lawyers will work under the contingency that they get paid if they win the case. This means that your handyman’s lawyer will be highly motivated to make sure that you spend a lot of money.

Here at NV Service Group we make sure that our employees are insured with a complete Liability and Workmen’s Compensation insurance policy. We also make sure that our team is well trained and properly equipped to work on the gutters of your home.

Probably one of the most important questions that you can ask the handyman or gutter cleaning company is if they have proper insurance and tools to be able to perform the job without any liability risk on your behalf. The question that you need to ask anyone who works on the roof of your house is “what happens if you fall?” If they don’t have an immediate answer for then it’s time to run the other direction or risk a major payout.

It’s also important to understand that workers compensation comes in different flavors. Certain Workman’s Comp carry high premiums to cover dangerous scenarios like working on the roof of your home. But if your handyman only cleans a handful of gutters throughout the year do you think that they are willing to pay out for such an expensive policy? With a policy like that cutting into their profits there is a good chance that they will cut corners, and when the worst happens, you become liable.

So don’t put yourself in a difficult situation and ask important questions before an accident occurs. Otherwise, you may find yourself paying for an injury that wasn’t your fault.