How Do I Know If My Gutters Require Cleaning?

Your Gutters will let you know they require cleaning if you leave them alone long enough. Common signs usually revolve around water showing up in places where it doesn’t belong after or during a rainfall. Examples include pooling on your property ruining the landscaping, showing up in your basement, or leaking into your property and causing damage. Gutters that are not cleaned often enough may also become damaged and require replacement.

Gutters require cleaning when they fill up with debris such as leaves, twigs, and other particles of dirt. The debris builds up and causes water to not flow properly through your gutters and overflowing in areas where it is not supposed to go. It is ideal not to wait until they require cleaning and instead to clean them on a regular schedule. NV Service Group recommends cleaning your gutter system as frequently as your budget allows.  This would include cleanings in early Spring to clear out winter debris in anticipation for “April Showers”; in early and/or late Summer depending on tree coverage and type to clear out “helicopters”, oak tassels, seed pods, tree pollen, and debris from summer storms; one or multiple times during autumn to remove leaves and a mixture of debris that come down at various times during the fall season preparing your gutters for the winter freeze.