How Are Gutter Cleaning Prices Determined?

Fotolia_63281696_Subscription_Monthly_M-300x300Having your gutters cleaned on a regular basis is an important property maintenance task.  If your gutter system is not working properly, water can cause a number of issues for your home that are often times very expensive to remedy.  Preventing these problems from occurring is far more cost effective than dealing with them once they are a problem.  So what is the cost of having your gutter system cleaned by the professionals at NV Service Group?  How do we determine our gutter cleaning prices?  There are a number of different factors that will determine the price you will pay to have your rain gutters cleaned. 

Square Footage – The size of your home is one of the first components in determining the price of gutter cleaning.  The larger your home, the more time the job will take, and thus the more it will cost.

Style – Whether your home is a ranch, a two-story, a three-story, etc. does make a difference in gutter cleaning pricing.  Taller homes require more time and more skill with ladders.

Roof Pitch – How steep your roof is is another important factor in determining the price of gutter cleaning.  A flatter roof that can be walked on will be less expensive than a steep roof that requires the person cleaning the gutters to continually be repositioning ladders.  Again you are looking at more time and more skill with continual ladder movement

Roofing Material – What type of shingles is your roof made of?  Composition shingles, shake shingles, tile, ceramic, concrete, or slate?  There are many instances in which a roof cannot be walked on because of the roofing material.  A house that has a roof that can be easily walked on will be priced lower than a roof that requires you to clean the gutters from a ladder.  Cleaning the gutters from a ladder can take significantly more time and does require a level of skill in using a ladder.

Time since last cleaning – Houses that have not had the gutters cleaned on a regular basis may have significantly more debris and blockage than a house that is on a gutter cleaning maintenance plan.  Excess debris and blockage will increase the length of time the job will take and may increase the price of gutter cleaning.  NV Service Group offers a discount to customers that have their gutters cleaned on a regular basis, thus decreasing the cost of gutter cleaning.

Commercial vs. Residential  – The cost of a commercial gutter cleaning project may be lower due to higher volume of work.  Cleaning entire communities can reduce our operating costs significantly.

How We Figure This All Out – In order to accurately quote a gutter cleaning proposal NV Service Group requires the address of the property in question. Once we have that and your contact information often satellite imagery is enough to allow us to make a proper quote. Occasionally we may make an on-site visit in order to finalize our quote if the imagery is poor or not up to date. We do our best to offer a high quality service that is easy to obtain and requires little time input. We know that you are busy and will often clean your gutters without you even needing to be at home. The best thing to do is to get onto a gutter cleaning contract so that we can easily maintain your gutters without you really even having to think about it. A contract is the best way to reduce your gutter cleaning costs per gutter cleaning and make sure that your home is safe from the water damage that can be incurred from poorly maintained gutters.

Finally, as we offer fixed pricing, prices will not be adjusted up if the gutters are excessively dirty or down if they are relatively clean once we get onsite.